Live at Howlers

by The Whiskey Holler

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released April 5, 2011



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The Whiskey Holler Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Bag Full of Stars
I walked down the street to my car
and i had a bag full of stars
i knew exactly what i gotta do
too late to be stuck in this town for two

eighty-five from state to state to state
nine-to-five i drive don't contemplate
sleep alone under ribbon starry skies
and i'm kinda lost gotta start to improvise

i tried running as fast as i could
to that place we once found
but i couldn't find no place i stopped i sang
i'm waiting please please don't tell

ten times i smoked a cigarette
by then i didn't no gas a'left
and i pulled over and stretched my legs from you
filled the tank and took off into the blue

saw a man with thumb a'stickin out
bandana bag filled with hope no drop a'doubt
and i pulled over and he said to my surprise:
"i'm kinda lost gotta start to improvise"
Track Name: I Get Dreaming
I been waiting
I been waiting too long for the evening
That's when you return
back to me, oh baby please
don't never leave

When you were gone
When you were gone all along
I was wasting
my life oh it hurts
baby please baby please
don't never leave

Sometimes when i
Sometimes when i
fall asleep i get dreaming
about you and me on the road
oh baby no,
don't never go

who holds your heart
who holds your heart
in their hands in the meantime
when you were so far
oh baby no,
don't never go

when we were young,
we didn't know it was wrong
now we're old, and mildly stoned
to know
we might as well
run away
might as well
pray for rain

i been drinking
i been drinking all night
to the bottom
of my whiskey it burns
come back to me
oh baby please
come drink with me

i been burning
i been burning
all night like a lighthouse
so you know i'm here
light me up
you ain't so tough
and i've had
Track Name: (Hello) Darling
Hello darling,
How'd you get here?
And what's your name?
Cause I want to know why i can't come home why i can't come home with you

Hello darling
how'd you get here?
and where you from?
And i want to know why you won't come home why you won't come home with me

And i don't care if everybody
knows my plans.
and they're right-
if they say-
that i'll die everyday-
if i can't have you by-
my side-
on the nights when i cry

Hello darling
can't you see me?
i'm staring at you
and i want to know why i can't say no why i can't say no to you

Hello darling
oh pretty baby
you got me, in your hands.
and you hold me tight say "don't you fight. no don't you no don't you be shy."

You have a way to make me wanna say
I want you to move in a certain
And i think to myself
what i'll do when i have you by myself
don't run don't hide
just come inside
i'll hold you so long
make right all wrong
and i'll play your favorite song and i'll play it all night long